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Local company, Creating Communities has been engaged by Megara to undertake stakeholder and community engagement that will consider and review the vision and aspiration described for the site in the Sorrento Activity Centre Plan (SACP). The engagement will also inform any proposed designs for future development.

The existing Sorrento Activity Centre Plan will be reviewed as part of the community engagement to see if it provides the conditions that will spur investment and achieve the vision that was set, and if any updates are needed.

The project team wants to receive your input to help inform:

Aspirations for the site

Site layout and building designs

The process will include:

  • Communications materials providing information about the engagement and planning process;
  • Invitations to meet with neighbours who live close to the site;
  • Meetings with local businesses and other stakeholders;
  • Focus groups with local residents and stakeholders to review the current planning framework and to determine if it is delivering the outcomes that were sought for the area and to develop the principles that will inform future designs for the site; and
  • Design workshops with local residents and stakeholders; whereby design concepts are presented and feedback is provided with reference to the design principles and review of the planning framework.


Get involved.

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