Project Update

Planning for the future of the Sorrento Plaza precinct represents an incredible opportunity to create a shared vision for an area that could provide so much more for the local community, now and into the future.

Project Objectives

We developed the following project objectives to inform the planning and design of the site and surrounds and underpin its future potential as a revitalised site. 

Regenerate an important local precinct
To work collaboratively with the City of Joondalup, the State Government, local stakeholders, businesses, and residents to design the proposal.
Deliver an attractive and welcoming precinct
Enhance local connectivity, in particular between Geneff Park, Marmion Beach and the Plaza, that is safely accessible by car, bike and foot.
Demonstrate design excellence that responds to the local context and provides much more than currently required by the Sorrento Activity Centre Plan.
Deliver a high-quality hospitality experience
Cater for people at all stages in life – with offerings for families, singles, couples, retirees and more
Respond to the coastline, neighbourhood and community
Invest in the local economy, providing opportunities for new and existing businesses to thrive and provide local employment and economic development
Provide for a landscape design that responds to local weather patterns and ensures provision of shade and greenery in both public and private areas

September 2021

In September 2021, the Shaping Sorrento Project Team initiated a comprehensive community engagement process regarding the redevelopment of Sorrento Plaza. The team held a series of meetings with local business owners, near neighbours and local community groups. In addition, the broader Sorrento community was invited to participate in a series of Discussion Groups facilitated by Creating Communities. The team held these discussions with the local Sorrento community to understand their aspirations and concerns for the Shaping Sorrento site, known as Sorrento Plaza

Late October 2021

Following the initial Discussion Groups, the Project Team translated the aspirations of the community into a built design outcome. They developed two concepts. One Concept fulfilled the previous Sorrento Activity Centre Plan (SACP) requirements, and a second addressed the community desires in terms of creating an attractive building with larger and better public spaces.
Both concepts can be seen here: insert link

Overwhelmingly the community favoured Concept 2 which incorporated key community benefits, high quality architectural design, and extra public parking.

February – May 2022

From February to May 2022 the designs went through numerous design reviews. This facilitated project designs to be available for public comment.

June 2022

It is estimated that the final design will be available for public comment from mid-June. To have your say, head to the link here to provide your feedback.

The Current Design

Stakeholder meetings & focus groups will be held to inform the design principles, review the planning framework, and guide the planning for the site.

Design workshops will then be held, where some preliminary concepts will be presented for feedback.

These engagements will be used to review the planning framework and inform the development of designs that will then be submitted to decision making authorities and released for public comment in subsequent months.

If any development of the site is approved this would not commence until well into 2023.


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