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Where is the site?

The site is located on West Coast Highway between The Plaza, Drakes Walk and Raleigh Road in Sorrento. It consists of Lot 145 (991sqm), Lot 146 (847sqm), Lot 147 (703 sqm), Lot 148 (759sqm), Lot 2 (1685sqm). 

Who is in control of the site?

Megara represents the landowners of the site and is a local boutique property group driven to realise projects that enhance West Australian living.  

Megara undertakes residential projects that embody the best of lifestyle and landscape since 2007, delivering over $300 million worth of projects across WA, recognising that each location is individual and should be treated as such. 

The project team are committed to working collaboratively with City of Joondalup, the State Government, local stakeholders and residents as we progress our planning.  


Why is Megara seeking to revitalise the site?

Megara recognised the wonderful attributes of the site and the potential to revitalise it as a thriving local hub where high quality amenities and built respond to the beachside, community lifestyle that it can offer. 

Megara and their project team believe the site offers an opportunity to create a unique precinct like no other existing along the coastline.    


Who is planning the revitalisation of the site?  

The project team comprises several experienced and respected professionals and technical experts including: 

The Planning Process

What is the proposed planning process for this site?

The project team are investigating the future redevelopment of the site to deliver a high-quality mixed-use precinct that responds to the needs and aspirations of the community and harnesses the opportunities that the site provides.    

Part of the process will be to review the existing planning framework (Sorrento Activity Centre Plan) to determine if it is delivering what was proposed, while concurrently working cohesively on development concepts that will exemplify the vision for the site and its role in the community. 

Any concept designs for any future development will be referred to a Design Review Panel, who will review what is proposed over a series of meetings. 

If any changes are recommended to the current planning framework – this will be submitted to the City of Joondalup. 

If a Development Application (DA) is made, it will be submitted to the relevant authorities for their consideration.


How would the planning process consider traffic and car parking?

The management of vehicular access and car parking on site will be a high priority for the planning process. 

The planning will be informed by a comprehensive transport assessment undertaken by traffic engineers Cardno.  

  • Currently the site contains a number of public parking bays, across a complex arrangement of easements and the like.  Any proposed revitalisation of the site would see an increase in the number of bays available.  
  • Access to and from the site would be managed to ensure minimal disruption to West Coast Drive and the surrounding residential streets. 


Do you have designs ready to present to us?

We have done some preliminary modelling to work out what would be viable for the revitalisation of the site, but any planning and design will be informed by the engagement process. Designs will be provided as they are developed through the engagement process. 

Proposed Site Uses

What uses are being considered for the site?

In keeping with the current planning framework it will be a mixed-use precinct, which will provide residential accommodation, community amenity and hospitality/services venues.  

Planning for these elements including the preferred shops and services will be informed by our engagement with stakeholders and the community. 

There are a range of uses that could be considered for the site, importantly we will use community feedback to inform these. We are also looking to welcome back any existing tenants that wish to operate out of new premises and are having those active discussions.  


What are some of the proposed features of the redevelopment of the site? 

The project will seek to provide: 

  • High-quality built form designs that respond to the local context, while considering the future needs of the community 
  • Residential accommodation that provides additional residents to support local businesses 
  • Housing designed for local people to down-size, but not lose the same level of amenity provided by their single houses   
  • Activation of the streetscape to bring more life to the area. 


Has any design been finalised for the site?

We have done some preliminary modelling to work out what would be viable for the revitalisation of the site, but any planning and building design will need to be developed and will be informed by the engagement process.  

Designs for the development will not be finalised until after the engagement process. The project team are committed to developing a project that meets the needs and aspirations of the local community. The feedback, ideas, and vision developed through the engagement process will inform any designs for the site to ensure the outcome meets the aspirations of the local community. 


How will the environment and unique coastal setting be considered in the planning?

This will be discussed as part of the engagement process.  Megara is committed to developing a project that Integrates sympathetically with the surrounding environment.    


What is the proposed engagement process? 

Stakeholder meetings & Focus Groups will be held to inform the design principles, review the planning framework and guide the planning for the site. 

Design Workshops will then be held, where some preliminary concepts will be presented for feedback. 

These engagements will be used to inform the development of designs that will then be submitted to decision making authorities and then released for public comment in subsequent months. 

If any development of the site is approved this would not commence until well into 2023.

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